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Posted by Time2Lime
Millbeatz Entertainment has certainly captured the essence of what the people want for 2018 with The Ram Party Riddim

Wanting to see for himself what really makes the ultimate carnival experience as epic as it is described, music producer David "Millbeatz" Millien chose to flip the script and step out the studio and became the ultimate feter for carnival 2017.

Getting that firsthand experience of what truly invigorates the masses of party goers during the carnival season, Millien whose branding Millbeatz Entertainment has certainly captured the essence of what the people want for 2018. "The Ram Party Riddim"


As the riddim kicks off, the persuasion of Dexter "Blaxx" Stuart can be heard luring the listeners with his famous tag line "Allyuh come eeennn." His selection instantly gets the party started with the hype, energy, hypnosis of a rhythmic iron man keeping the vibe alive and of course that ingenious play on words.


"Well Bai"...... continuing on this live wire of a riddim, that hype and energy is far from over as fresh on the soca scene, one has to "Brace" themselves as Ricardo "Ricochea" James comes out in his song ready for the ladies. This song really gives you that motivational drive to let go and be free. You cannot say you have not been warned, when this track holds you, one will definitely have to "Brace"


In 2017 Patrice Roberts made it clear that she is a "Big Girl Now" and for 2018 she is living up to that by going all night "Till Morning". "Patsy" (her alter ego) is known to come to life at carnival, as she creates the sultry female influence very prominent on this riddim. Patrice is undeniably living it up to the true carnival experience on her track.


Closing off the riddim, Terrin "Jaiga" Callendar didn't come out to play with his selection either, as expected he kept the vibe all the way up with his back bender of a song "Limbo." This song really creates the ideal set of instructions for the seasoned feter. Jaiga clearly is oiled and ready to go low with this one.


Millbeatz and the team of writers have surely done their studies and properly envisioned what the end result should be. Ricardo James, Dale Ryan, Emmanuel Rudder, Dominic Millien, Asten Isaac and David Millien have definitely perfected the understanding of each artiste chosen for this riddim and have written accordingly to all their respective strong points, thereby creating the perfect unison between the artistes personas and their lyrics.


In this 2018 riddim release, Millbeatz Entertainment is definitely fulfilling every intention possible, to ram every party. This riddim creates pure motivation for any party goer to fully experience the pure ecstasy of carnival.


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