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At 2 Lined Music Hut, we make music our first priority. We believe that culture and music play a big role in fostering a happy, healthy community, and we are proud to have been serving the Toronto community since 1996.

We are conveniently located in Malvern Town Centre at 31 Tapscott Road in Scarborough, offering the widest selection of Reggae, Soca, Hip-Hop, R&B 

and Gospel CDs and DVDs in the city. At 2 Lined Music Hut we ensure that the music of our people, reaches its people. We also offer a comprehensive assortment of Caribbean, African, Hip-Hop, and Kung-Fu movies on DVD. Furthermore we carry a variety of cultural paraphenelia including flags, key rings, scarves, and other novelty items. In support of the local economy, we work with event promoters city-wide offering Event Promotion, Ticket Sales and local advertising. At 2 Lined Music Hut, we are continually seeking retailing opportunities to enhance the cultural experience of our customers. 

2 Lined Music Hut’s personable customer service sets us apart from the sea of other music retailers in the city. The one-on-one service provided by our team is what makes your shopping experience pleasant and rewarding. 

The 2 Lined Team consists of:
Sheldon “Musclehead” Bruce, Owner/Founder and Senior Sales Representative
Carolyn Bruce, Marketing Manager and Senior Sales Representative
Nicole Campbell, Assistant Manager and Sales Representative

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