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Tae Kwon Do

Tae kwon do is the national sport of Korea and one of the world’s most popular martial sports. 1988 Olympic Games was the debut as a “demonstration” sport in Seoul, Korea. Kicks are the heart of this hard-contact sport. Points are scored with both kicking to the body or head. “Taekyon” better known as Tae Kwon Do was formed April 11, 1955 by 8 Korean Masters.

Self defense seminars/programs
Self defense basic training emphasizes the following:
• Body positioning
• Neutralize the attacker fast
• Transition quickly from defensive to offensive techniques, and into strikes if appropriate.
• Use the central line of your body to deflect force
• Exploit the opponent's balance
• Employ the aid of any throws, joint locks and takedowns

Self defense trainees learn to deal first with the immediate threat and then prevent further attacks, if necessary by neutralizing the attacker. Actions are carried out in a methodical manner. In order to avoid a dangerous situation developing, some circumstances may call for anticipatory action.