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DMAA Toronto

At DISCOVER MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY (DMAA) our mission is to provide our students with self-confidence, discipline, fitness, and the skills needed for self-protection. We endeavour to cultivate the physical, the mind and the spirit through Kung Fu ideology and training.

DMAA focuses on developing values such as self-control, discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. We strive to teach conflict resolution while helping our students achieve tenacity and poise, rather than fearlessness.

Discover Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to maintaining consistent communication with students and their families to ensure constant improvement. Our commitment to quality training is what sets us apart from other Martial Arts schools.


Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu Techniques
The Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Methodology has always been an innovative whole body, functional, and highly practical fitness and self-defense training system derived over many years by Great Wing Chun Conditioning Coaches and Instructors. Through the recent Movie premiere of “IP Man” Wing Chun Kung Fu is displaying that students don’t have to be trying to build bigger, faster stronger muscles to be able to defend oneself from physical attack.

Wing Chun has created the most efficient Kung Fu Training Methodology as an ever-growing body of scientifically-applied, functional, integrative lifestyle conditioning fitness training geared to develop the martial artist in each all of us, no matter what level we start the journey.

This is a place where everyone can be care free and revealing their inner childhood memories of pursuing the path of a Martial Artist.  Capture the feeling once again of an inspiring training environment where a team of friendly patient trainers and Instructors, guided by the Principals and Theories of Traditional Wing Chun Training Methodology put theory and practice together to routinely build martial artist out of ordinary citizens, adult, teens and children.

Discover Martial arts Academy or “school” in the regular sense. We don’t use machines or fitness tools, we us principals and theories of Wingchun Kung Fu to teach techniques to integrate the Philosophy as a Whole in lifestyle

Wing Chun

WingChun DMA Academy offers a female friendly training environment. For the benefit of our female students, the school operates it’s regular classes in a co-ed format where males and females train together. This is an important part of proper women’s self-defense training. It is important for females to train against larger males and do so in a safe environment.

With that said, WingChun DMA Academy is proud to offer an in-depth women’s self defense course that is a 12 part workshop, hosted once a month at both our Toronto & Mississauga locations. This course allows women to train together in an all female environment where they can learn self defense techniques that encompass the most common attacks used against females. Such techniques include but are not limited to Bear Hugs, chokes, hair pull, wrist grabs, hostage attacks, mounted ground attacks and weapons defense training.

The 90 Minute session includes a 30 minute Elite Conditioning session (Full body workout based on Martial Arts training) followed by a 60 minute workshop. In addition to the physical aspects of the class, students will be provided a question and answer session where questions and concerns that are unique to woman’s self defense can be discussed in a safe, non judgemental environment.

WingChun DMAA and be able to improve your physical fitness, as well as learn some very valuable self-defense techniques.  The Women’s Self Defense course offered at our Academy has been a great way to learn defensive techniques that are specific to women.  After learning these defensive tactics, we get the opportunity to practice them with a bit more aggression and intensity, in a safe, controlled environment.  In addition to the excellent instruction and programs at the school, the instructors and students at the school create a very fun and supportive environment.  The goal of this course is to empower our female students with the knowledge and skills to help them feel confident in various situations, both in and out of the Academy.

DMAA Weapons Training

Weapons Training
Includes sword, 6 ft pole, sticks, knife and nunchaku training.
With these weapons we utilize the Strategy of Wing Chun with weapons as an extension of our own hand techniques:
1. Use the Center Line, therefore force opponent to use the outside path.
2. Control the Opponent’s Blind side.
3. Attack the Opponent’s Balance.
4. Attack the Opening.
5. Trap the leading elbow.
6. Pin the arms from the blind side.
7. Keep moving.
8. Use elbow in close quarters, palm or fist in the second range or the use of 5 different kicking techniques in the 3rd ranges of combat.

Wing Chun

Kung Fu Conditioning
The Chinese language has hundreds of dialects.  Some are so different they are like separate languages, even though they all read the same characters.  Most westerners are exposed to Mandarin or Cantonese.  Kung Fu is Mandarin for Gung Fu.  So Wing Chun Kung Fu is a mixture of two dialects.  Wing Chun is Cantonese, so Wing Chun Gung Fu is correct in Cantonese.  Yung Chun Kung Fu is correct in Mandarin.  We will use Kung Fu here because most people,world wide are familiar with “Kung Fu”.  Kung fu/gung Fu means any acquired skill.  A doctor, lawyer or a carpenter is doing kung fu.  The proper term for the martial arts in Chinese is Wu Shu or Mo Sut. Chi, or Qi is Mandarin for Hei in Cantonese.  Chi will be used because of its familiarity.

Wing Chun

Personal Training
Personal Training program at DMAA is always cutting-edge. It will enable you to you achieve your fitness goals faster; be it losing weight, conditioning or developing overall muscle tone.

Personal Training program at WingChun DMAA is always cutting-edge. It will enable you to you achieve your Kung Fu goals Faster; be it losing weight, building stamina, developing muscles or improving your cardio-vascular. With our professionally qualified personal trainers (WC Instructors) on your side, your chances of accomplishing your fitness goals are “guaranteed” if you are willing to commit with us. Take a look at just a few reasons why our members seek the guidance from our personal training program

1. You are new to Kung Fu training.
Starting a fitness program for the first time can be an exciting and intimidating all at the same time. Knowing how to set up a balanced schedule that includes all the exercises you need to do can be confusing. A personal trainer will teach you which exercise you should be doing and explain how long you should do each one to get the results you want.

2. You are bored with the same-old workouts and want new challenge
If you are an experienced exerciser, maybe you haven’t considered working out with a trainer. However, it can truly be a great way to give you fresh perspective, learn new forms of exercise to add to your routine. At DMAA Fitness, you will be challenged and encouraged constantly to reveal your hidden stamina and true strength. Moreover; your personal trainer will push you to break those self-imposed barriers, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself more than you would do on your own.

3. You have a specific goal in mind Most people reach a point in their lives when they want to pursue a particular fitness goal. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, or train for your favorite sporting event, our personal trainer can keep you accountable for your goals. In fact, it is a proven that you can get 80% better results three times faster with the help of a personal trainer.

4. Mentorship
One needs a mentor to pursue any worthwhile goals in life. Fitness is no exception. Motivation with commitment is integral to achieving goals. Your Personal Trainer is your cheerleader, mentor and fitness partner who will help you set realistic goals, get focused and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. Having a healthy body will allow you to get the most out of life while inspiring others along the way.