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DMAA Toronto


About DMAA Toronto


Our Mission
At DISCOVER MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY (DMAA) our mission is to provide our students with self-confidence, discipline, fitness, and the skills needed for self-protection. We endeavour to cultivate the physical, the mind and the spirit through Kung Fu ideology and training.

DMAA focuses on developing values such as self-control, discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. We strive to teach conflict resolution while helping our students achieve tenacity and poise, rather than fearlessness.

Discover Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to maintaining consistent communication with students and their families to ensure constant improvement. Our commitment to quality training is what sets us apart from other Martial Arts schools.

About Us
DISCOVER MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY (DMAA) is a Toronto based Martial Arts school focused on delivering quality skill-development by cultivating the physical, the mind and the spirit through Kung Fu ideology and training.

Our highly skilled instructors are specialized in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu (the base discipline of the legendary Bruce Lee), but also possess extensive training in other arts including Shan Shou and Taekwondo).

Big Brother (Dai Sihing) Paul Le brings over 25 years of martial arts experience and endeavours to facilitate higher learning and knowledge. Our Master and teachers act as guides to our students on the path to self development. Dignity and respect are given and earned by student and master alike.

Our Philosophy
We strongly believe every individual has an inherent right to defend themselves with the least amount of harm to others. At the same time we also believe in many cases, effective conflict resolution can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes. A sense of humility about our place in the world is essential for correct training and study in the art of Kung-Fu.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Hong Kong, 1950 Yip Man started to teach Wing Chun, one of his first students in this, was the Legendary Bruce Lee, since his death, this traditional form of Kung Fu has become infamous.

250 years ago, the origin of Wing Chun Kung Fu was founded.

The Shil Lim Temple became the sanctuary for trainings of a classic style which took 15 to 20 years to master.
Only the most efficient techniques from each style of kung fu were chosen by five of China's grandmasters, combing these techniques emerged a new fighting form with the ability to develop an efficient martial artist within 7 years or less.

Why train with us (The benefits of DMAA Wing Chun Kung Fu)
- Teaches Self-Defense & Personal Security
- Fosters Calmness & Mental Focus
- Promotes Physical Health & Fitness
- Stimulates Physical Coordination
- Encourages Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
- Increases Confidence & Self-Esteem
- Improves Concentration & Academic Performance
- Enhances Self-Discipline
- Develops Goal Setting & Perseverance
- Cultivates Camaraderie & Teamwork Skills
- Boosts Socialization Skills
- Instills Sense of Respect




55 Glen Cameron Road
Thornhill, ON L3T 1P2
(Inside Chu's Martial Arts Building)

Phone: (416) 625-7308
Email: DMAAtoronto@gmail.com
Website www.DMAAtoronto.com

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