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LATINjam is a new dance fitness trend that is rapidly spreading across the provinces. LATINjam participants draw on their inner passion for dance movement and with their feet they perform an energizing and addictive dance fitness cardio based workout routine. Training in a group to today’s most popular Latin music, participants of all ages learn the organized and structure Latin Jam choreograph routines.

Why Become a Certified LATINjam Instructor?
Do you really want to be in a class that has no structure, just fitness participants randomly doing as they please and having difficulty following the class Instructor? LATINjam provides the basic cueing techniques taught in all Fitness Instructor Certifications. This with this knowledge you will save frustration from the participant who has difficulty following choreography based programs.

No dance background is required. LATINjam is fitness program designed to enhance coordination and cardio respiratory training. Evidently moving your hips or body in a certain way during the LATINjam workout will inadvertently teach non dancers to move biomechanically correct. This reduces the feeling of embarrassment and improves the feeling of accomplishment for you and your participants.

Once you are certified in LATINjam Dance you will become an effective coach which will allow you to lead class participants to a fun and effective personal level of performance. Putting all your emphasis on the participants being the superstars, taps into your teaching skill rather than dancing allows for a low impact work providing therefore allowing you teach multiple classes without the harmful effects of over training.

Quality Fitness Program
LATINjam is a fitness program that prides itself in quality instruction and is offer through CAN-Fit-Pro which is Canada most respected and recognized global fitness leader. Unlike some fitness programs that issue licenses to individuals that are Not sanctioned by CAN-FIT-Pro to teach without any requirements, LATINjam Instructors must earn their credentials to teach the program.

By having quality control, everyone wins:
The instructor is equipped to teach a safe and effective fitness class. The participants can be confident they are taught by someone knowledgeable and will help them meet their health and wellness goals. The fitness Industry is uplifted and the overall quality of fitness instruction improves

LATINjam is Universal
All ages and fitness levels can enjoy Latin jam and get an effective and safe workout. The music used in a LATINjam class is today’s music and not tied to any particular culture or genre. No suggestive or offensive movements that may be inappropriate for certain groups. The nonstop format helps participants burn up to 1200 calories and have fun while doing it.

Because of the energizing music the fun and predictable steps and great motivation coming from people moving together to music, participants become addicted to Latin Jam.

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Upcoming Certification Dates

(Spring 2015) March 28 - Forza Fitness (130 Racco Parkway, Thornhill)
(Summer 2015) Jun 27 - Anytime Fitness (8655 Weston Rd, Woodbridge)
(Fall 2015 ) Nov 7 - Forza Fitness (130 Racco Parkway, Thornhill)
(Winter 2015 ) Dec 5 - Anytime Fitness (8655 Weston Rd, Woodbridge)



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